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 HIDDEN LAKES was named by Kathryn Burnett, like all good things is the fulfillment of our personal dream to own and operate a hunting resort





When we first purchased the farm I started constructing lakes and ponds on every draw.  When completed we had eight ponds and lakes.  Now with the additional ranches acquired we have fourteen in all. Every lake is fully stocked if you like to fish just bring the rod and reel (catch and release only). 


You can also look for the ducks, deer, coyotes, bobcats, and other wildlife that roam the ranch. Part of our uniqueness is we are very secluded but an easy drive from major urban areas. The Resort is accessed by two entrances, one to the lodge and the other to the working facilities, both are half of a mile off the main road. The north, south, east, and west boundaries are the back side of other farms. You will not see a highway from any location on the Resort.

Wing hunting is the only hunting we do.  Years of hunting and visiting other resorts has allowed us to create the ultimate wing shooting resort.  To facilitate our hunting, we purchase birds but in addition we also have the facilities to hatch and raise about 14,000 birds.

There are six flight pens from 130’ to 160’ long.  The birds are kept secluded from sight of humans and protected from predators until they are released for hunting.  Birds are raised in seclusion so they react and fly as if they were wild.  This makes for an exciting hunt.
For prime pheasant hunting, we planted seventeen and a half miles of milo and sorghum in 30’ wide strips. There are two rows of milo and then two rows of sorghum repeated until we have a strip 30’ wide. The hunters walk through the waist high milo. The sorghum, which grows to about 7’ tall, causes the birds to get up faster and fly higher.  We left all the natural grasses and cover on Hidden Lakes. The scattered trees, briar patches and grown up fence rows are excellent cover and provide prime natural habitat for the quail and chuckers. To facilitate hunting we shred a 20’ path every 200’ in the open field in all pastures. We have six different hunting areas which provide hunters a diverse hunting experience and provides safety by keeping hunters well separated.

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